Cardiovascular Disease/Stroke Statistics

Cardiovascular Disease

  • Fifty percent of the people who suffer from a heart attack have normal cholesterol levels
  • According to the American Heart Association, about 69% of people who have a first heart attack, 77% who have a first stroke and 74% who have congestive heart failure have blood pressure higher than 140/90
  • Every day more than 12,600 people suffer from a heart attack
  • Every 34 seconds someone in the US dies from a heart attack
  • Every day more than 32.800 Americans are diagnosed with coronary artery disease (CAD)
  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD) kills more than 1 million Americans every year



Stroke Statistics


  • About 795,000 Americans have a first or recurring stroke each year
  • Stroke is the 3rd largest killer in the US after Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer
  • Thirty – percent of stroke victims die within 1 year and 15% – 30% have some type of permanent disability
  • Women are more likely to die from stroke than men although men have slightly more strokes than women
  • Strokes increase with age with more than 70% of strokes happening in people 65 years and older
  • A blood clot or blocked artery leading to the brain causes about 87% of all strokes
  • High blood pressure is a major factor in stroke